February 25, 2014

An English book with pages about the Third Ear Band...

"Witches Hats & Painted Chariots. The Incredible String Band and the 5,000 Layers of Psychedelic Folk Music" is a A4 paperback book of 112 pages dedicated to the Williamson & Heron's wonderful band with a deep excursion in the British psychedelic folk scene.

Here's the description by Shindig!, the magazine that edited it: "Witches Hats & Painted Chariots covers a broad spectrum of British underground folk-rock from a lengthy selection of articles on acid-folk pioneers The Incredible String Band to the acts that followed in their footsteps.
Folk and psychedelia held hands around the maypole while drug-inspired lyricism collided with traditional music, pagan mythology and spiritualism to create a sound and lifestyle that still resonate today.
This delightfully-designed book overflows with sumptuous visuals and exclusive features – no one has presented the work and influence of the String Band with such vivid colour and insight".

About the book contents, the author writes "the Incredible String Band's whole story with album-by-album critiques, solo work, their legacy and influence on 21st century bands " as Comus, Mark Fry, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Spirogyra, Forest, Dr Strangely Strange, The Wicker Man, Medieval folk-rock of the ’70s, Third Ear Band and Circulus. 
Copies of the book (£ 7.00 from UK, £ 10.50 from Europe and £ 13.50 from the rest of World) can be obtained at:
The Reviews Editor
Shindig! Magazine
PO Box 4447
BA11 9AS
through the Web site (here) or Facebook (here).

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