January 16, 2014

Found an unpublished sketch for a Third Ear Band poster made by Glen Sweeney in 1991.

I've found in my personal archive this sketch made by Glen Sweeney in 1991 for a planned poster of the Third Ear Band, year when he reformed the band with Barry Pilcher at saxophone with the idea to be more alchemical than ever.
Infact in a first time he called the band Alchemical Third Ear Band with the usual reference to his favourite Buddha icon.
The project failed (he called it Elektric Third Ear Band and recorded few tracks for a new record, then re-recorded with a different line-up and published in 1993 as "Brain Waves"...) and this poster, that he sent me at that time, sinked into oblivion.
Now it is emerged just for the curiosity of everyone still involved in the esoteric story of the Band...

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