January 06, 2014

Brand new 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition of "Alchemy" out now.

Just at the end of past December a new 500 copy limited edition of TEB's "Alchemy" (on 180 gram audiophile vinyl format) is available in the shops at 25-30 euros.
As you can see below, the main trait of it - published by Timeless Record (as TIME 732) - seems to be the laminated original cover here treated as a negative of a photograph.
As we know it was designed by David Loxley, taken from an old engrave published on "Atalanta Fugiens" by Michael Meier in 1617 (read here at http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2009/12/origins-and-meanings-of-alchemy-cover.html).

Timeless Records is a label specialized in reissues of old underground records: they have reissued artists as Pete Brown & Piblokto, Edgar Broughton Band, East of Eden, Bonzo Dog Band, Nucleus...
It's really wonderful that this record is still in catalogue after all these years and it does exist in so many different formats (original 1969 LP, remastered CDs, limited vinyl edition...)...

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