December 19, 2012

Winter Solstice with the Third Ear Band.

To all the Third Ear Band fans 
and Ghetto Raga Archive readers
(in spite of Maya calendar and other assorted catastrophic prophesies)

"Stigma. A XMas ghost story" (BBC, UK 1977)
Discovered by our post folk-shaman Sedayne, this old short film (just 31.49) was produced by BBC and broadcasted on December 28th, 1977. With a track by Rolling Stones' "Aftermath" ("Mothers little helper"), on the soundtrack you can listen also to an excerpt of "Air" played by the Third Ear Band!
"Stigma" is one of the Christmas BBC short movies (read at produced in 1971-1978. It was written by Clive Exton and directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark

The DVD edition (UK 2012).
This is the original synopsys: "The pagan stone circles of Avebury are the backdrop for writer Clive Exton's modern-day horror. The attempted removal of an ancient menhir from a family's back garden unleashes a bloody curse on unsuspecting housewife Katharine, whose rising panic is captured brilliantly by Kate Binchy". 

Read a good review of it at

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  1. Hi Luca, I have uploaded on Soundlcoud my old recording of TEB live in Genoa on 1989. Here are the links, in case you want to hear it and share it:
    Very rough sound quality, but the music is amazing, I think it might be interesting for TEB's fans...
    Best wishes for the new year :-)

  2. Thanks, a really great Christmas gift! I'll put the links in the TEB free download section for all the fans. I wish you the best for the new year!