April 29, 2011

A new letter from Steve Pank...

While I'm still waiting the Ursula Smith's answers to my questions sent before Christmas, and no news are coming from Denim Bridges (the project of a new TEB record...), just yesterday Steve Pank has written me this letter, quite interesting...

"Hi Luca,
(...) I have been quite busy writing a book of music it is called "Chromatic cycles" and is to help instrumentalists to play in any key, I have written versions for brass instruments, the saxophone, flute keyboard and cello, I have finished them now so I should have more time for other writing.
I have been helping Ursula with her piece for the website, as I was with the band most of the time that she was in it. There is a bit more work to do on it. 
(...) I recently saw Carolyn in London as she came to the Druid ceremony of the spring equinox on Tower Hill, I have some photographs of her in the ceremony and also of Dave Loxley who did the covers for Achemy and the Elements, he is now the Chief Druid. 
I will email you the photographs if I can sort out how to do it. I also have some photographs of Ursula at the end of a concert where she was leading the cello section of the Norwich Philharmonic Orchestra.

Whilst I was in London Carolyn gave me a copy of the "Live Ghosts", the album made with Paul Minns and Alan Samuel. I had never heard it before. I knew Alan briefly when he was living at the embassy with Dave Tomlin and others... I though he played nicely and I enjoyed what he did, but the really important thing about that recording is that it was the last that Paul recorded with the Third Ear Band and for me his playing was remarkable, as good as or even better than the work he did with the original band.
I recently bought a CD of "Alchemy" and the Elements from Amazon at a reasonable price, some of the fans might like to know that it is available again...

(L-R) Dave Tomlin and Steve Pank in London on July 2010 (photo by Luca Ferrari).

Carolyn or was it Dave told me that you were interested in the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream which happened in 1967. The person you need to contact about that is Hoppy, John Hopkins, he was the main man, he was a Third Ear Band fan and you may be able to contact him through the International Times website.
I may be running out of space in this mail, so I will finish now and will encourage Ursie to complete her contribution. Send me a tape by all means, but not the original, make a copy.
Good wishes
no©2011 Luca Ferrari

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