September 17, 2020

TEB book outtakes - part 3: the great Mel Davis.

Here's the third part of the outtakes from my book on the TEB dedicated to the great late Mel Davis. He played the cello on "Alchemy" in 1969 and he was a great musician in the avant-garde British jazz scene most of all with the People Band (read a piece about him on this Archive here).
These pictures were given to me by film-maker/musician Mike Figgis who played with Davis and the People Band in the Sixties and who's making a docu-film on him (read here).
This is another chance to remember Mel for all his great music and ideas about improvisational music. A real giant!

                             The great late Mel Davis in the last few days of his life.

                               Mel Davis on cello with Mike Friggs in the Sixties.

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