October 30, 2019

"Mistress to the Sun" lyrics!

Denim Bridges wrote "Mistress to the Sun" in the second half of 1970. The track was recorded in February 1971 intended as a single for the forthcoming TEB new album "The Dragon Wakes".
After many years of oblivion laying in the E.M.I. vaults the track is now available on the remastered and expanded CD edition of "Third Ear Band", published by Esoteric Records in 2018. A fabulous catchy art-song, so unusual in the TEB repertoire!

About his inner inspiration, Denny reveals  that the "track started life as a song about a sun worshiper (as in sun-bather at the beach... or poolside). If you think about those images and the lyrics I think you can see what I mean but I had to make it more mysterious because it was the Third Ear Band after all."

 Mistress to the Sun

A child of faith to be a shrine
To hold the warmth of the day
She gave her life to all above
To wait before the sun

And the colours that she carries are of organic seas
They're badges of the Mistress of the Sun
In the night they are a warning to the darkness and the rain
They're banners that she's faithful to the sun

So fast she flies on one command
The earth to be her bed
That sinks so deep to lose her mind
Which takes (her) so far through the sun
                                                 ©1971 Denim Bridges

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