September 15, 2019

A book on the Air Studios Montserrat announced...

                                          Air Studios Montserrat today...

Brian Sallerson is an American freelance journalist who's writing a story on the George Martin's Air Studios.

He e-mailed me: "I am a writer who is working on a book about the history of AIR Studios Montserrat. Denny Bridges was the operations manager for that studio when it opened in 1979. I am traveling to the UK in October and was trying to track him down to see if he might be open for an interview about his time at AIR Montserrat. I cannot find any contact info for Denny and your TEB site is the only place that has any recent correspondence with him. Is there any way that you could get a message to him for me? If you prefer, I could contact him directly if you provide an email address. Denny played a significant part of the launch of the studio so an interview with him would go a long way to help me get the full history of the studio. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated."

A synopsis of Brian's book project can be found at

                                                   The ruined pool today...

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