July 23, 2019

"The Magus" vinyl edition out now!

As announced, the vinyl 180-gr vinyl edition of "The Magus" (TB0006430), the so-called TEB's lost fourth album, is out now thanks to a London label Tiger Bay (https://tiger-bay-records.com/).

As you can see here, the album is a traditional cardboard coloured gatefold cover record with black vinyl. It has spare notes on the back and a sober label.
The quality of sound is good, better than the CD edition published in 2004 by Angel Air and for any record vinyl addicts, it's worth to have it.
About the music (composition, lyrics and playing), you know what I think about, but it's just a question of personal opinions and I know that many TEB fans are enthusiastic about this album...
So get it and enjoy, all in all, it's a brand new Third Ear Band record for your collection! 

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  1. Such a shame the BBC session tracks have yet to surface! We dream, we dream...

  2. The real shame is due to the BBC itself that asked Cherry Red an incredibly absurd fee...

  3. I absolutely love all of TEB music, but that album holds a darkness that really got me. I'm afraid The Magus could be my favourite piece of work from them... And spent years trying to work out those obscure lyrics.