April 24, 2018

Ursula Smith will play live in London soon!

"Hi Luca
What does the message on the website mean?
It seems to me that the interest in the Third Ear Band is still growing and I hope all the information you have collected will remain available.
Ursula is doing a classical concert in Burgh House, in Hampstead, London on Sunday 13th May in the afternoon, Carolyn has expressed interest in coming, and I will be there too.
Any loyal Third Ear Band supporter who is also interested in classical music would enjoy the music, and a chance to hear Ursie in a classical setting.
I have attached a flyer.
Good wishes,


  1. I would love to go. It's great to know that she is still playing. A pioneer for women in music

  2. I'm going! Is it possible to take photo's , Would be nice for Lucca's blogspot when he revives it!
    Will Hulbert

    1. Say my hello to Ursula and Steve, please. And if you wish to take some pictures I will post them int the Archive.