September 17, 2017

The true heir of TEB's music founded!

Thanks TEB fan Spirito Bono (one of the few TEB's diggers!), after all these years we have found probably the real true heir of Third Ear Band's music!
As you know, this is one of the main, favourite Ghettoraga Archive's cultural debate, since TEB fans and the so-called 'specialized rock press' use to detect music and musicians that seem to the 'true spirit' of Our Holy Band.
Of course, after having listened to lot of tracks (often documented in this Archive), very few of this is real and in fact there's no bands effectively getting that unique flavour of TEB's music. 

But a little example exists and it is this Japanese obscure band called Freemason's Black Brain (any infos about it will be very appreciated!). 
They have a track (likely titled "Why"...?) on a very rare  compilation ("Lubb-Dupp - Psycotronic Methamorphosys II" published by LLE Label in 1982) and thanks Spirito Bono you can download it at: (but just few days left).
Listen to it and tell what do you think about... I think you will be very astonished as I was the first time I've listened to it!

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