December 05, 2016

TEB is still a parameter for some kind of underground music...

the question is: "Stuff like Vibracathedral Orchestra/Third Ear Band?"
Ashtray Navigations
Some bloggers write down their suggestions, confirming the TEB is still a parameter for some kind of music...
As always, listen to all this music and decide by yourself...

Neil Campbell 

Our Love Will Destroy The World 

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  1. TEB have been constant touchstone for the past 20 years or so for me. I heard them from Richard Youngs, who heard them from Matthew Bower, who heard them from John Godbert. Really important to a particular strand of UK underground music.

    1. Nice to hear you, Neil, I really appreciate your work. Are you available for a short interview about your 'relation' with the Thirds? If you're agreed write to my personal mail Thanks.

  2. ... and did you ever read Viv Albertine's excellent Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys book? She talks with great fondness about how great it was going to see TEB in late 60s/early 70s. Makes total sense that they should be some sort of an influence on The Slits too.

    1. I didn't know it, very intriguing and strange! So their influence touched in some way also The Slits!