November 14, 2016

Glen, Carolyn and Leonard Cohen...

When I met Glen in the second half of '80's I discovered he and his missus Carolyn loved the music of Leonard Cohen. At the time, in his Sheperd's Bush flat he had all the Cohen albums' cassettes and sometimes  he loved to quote excerpts from Cohen's lyrics.
Because I loved too much Cohen  me too, during the Italian tours sometimes it could happen we chat about his music and his poetry... (also about Bob Dylan, Sun Ra and Indian music, other Glen's favourite topics).

Years later Carolyn sent me as a gift a copy of a Leonard Cohen biography written by Ira Nadel, a very good portrait with clever and sensitive insights on Cohen's art.
The day after his death, on November 10th, I wrote to Carolyn because I recalled she and Glen would love Leonard Cohen. She wrote me back this: "Yes, you recall well, I am a huge fan of Leonard Cohen and I listen to him all the time. The news did not surprise me as his new CD is very much a transition to the next life. His son did the arrangements and the music is beautiful. Being Buddhist I'm sure he was totally prepared..."

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