April 19, 2016

"With the obsession of the reed". The second part of the exclusive interview with MARY HAYES.

Here's the second part of the exclusive interview with Mary Hayes, Paul Minns' former wife. The first part is available at the page http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2015/06/interview-with-mary-hayes-paul-minns.html
As you can see, it's not the best interview about the TEB made by me, but it's an evidence that a good interview is based on a good interaction between the parts...

You told me about your marriage with Paul...
"Initially, my marriage took place with Paul Minns in 1969 and should read as Mrs Mary Minns. I was married to Paul, along with our adopted son, Matthew, 25.10. 1967, and then we had our son, Tristram, 18.06.1970 and our daughter, Amber, 04.09.1972. 

Through the early part of our relationship and marriage, Paul played the oboe, this closeness with the oboe led to the Third Ear Band since 1969. He aimed to be a qualified classical oboist player and played at the National Youth Orchestra
I noted that Paul's dedication in playing the oboe with the obsession of the reed - meant that most mornings he practised and improved. The perfection of the oboe, was for Paul, enhanced by the reed and was valuable to his playing, with the intense sound of the oboe's performance - harmoniously expressed and shined through."

"Paul also became a qualified book designer by choice due to his fathers, Francis Minns encouragement. Annually, the Francis Minns Book Design Award arose because he was admired and recognised as a great Book Designer. "

"In terms of life - Paul's loss of his mother and father during the air crash in 1971, then Yugoslavia, was a devastating blow to him - and affected his life. Fortunately, in 1972, we had a daughter, called Amber. In 1980 - 1982, life fell apart, in terms of breakdown - and in 1982, the story goes onwards with Paul's meeting of Kathryn and their joint marriage - and leaving England for Scotland.

Had you ever had contacts with Paul after that?
"As you are aware, the story I heard was Paul's marriage to Kathryn fell apart, and then Kathryn went to Morocco for a month, then back home again, however, the situation had changed and Paul had chosen to take his own life. This could have been Paul's sadness with the loss of his dog and horse - but the impact was strong and neither Matthew, Tristram and Amber ever saw Paul again.

                           A teen Paul Minns (courtesy of Mary Haynes).

In September, 2015, I heard that Kathryn (Ade) had died a few years ago. Paul and Kathryn had no children, however, she was registered with PRS (Performance Rights Society). On this occasion, today, I rang Performance Rights Society to enable Paul's children to eventually become knowledgeable about Paul's musical experience, but now have to know about the occasion of Kathryn's death and if she left a will? I know you've the history about Kathryn and Paul, so you may be helpful in information-." 
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