August 21, 2015

TEB's "Stone Circle" aired on an Italian radio programme.

Third Ear Band's "Stone Circle" was aired on August 4th, 2015 at the Italian Radio 3 programme called "Sei Gradi" (Six Grades) (go and listen to at
Radio journalist Luca Damiani introduced the band as "one of the few researching a kind of music not necessarily Blues or Rock", with straight relation with traditional Chinese and Indian folk music...

With an usual habit in Italy, no quotations to the extraordinary adventures the reformed band lived during the Eighties with three brand new records for MaSo and some great live concerts around the country. Nothing about this Archive, of course...
Anyway, in spite of the endemic Italian music journalists' ignorance and superficiality about facts, Third Ear Band experience is still existing with two new CDs and some little suprises in the next future...
In loving memory of Glen Sweeney, Paul Minns, Ben CartlandMike Marchant, Mel Davis and Roger Bunn.

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