July 04, 2014

Hermione Harvestman, Tertius Auris, Peter Burne-Jones, The Third Ear Band, Sedayne...

Hermione Harvestman, a.k.a. Sedayne, writes us a new vionary excursion into the esoteric Third Ear Band's soundscape...

"Hermione Harvestman is my hauntological  take on the electro-shamanic zeitgiest  that has been my life's dream since my brain first sang to Delia Derbyshire & Daphne Oram in my early childhood, though their names I wouldn't know until much, much later...  
Here, in Hermione's own dreaming, an encounter with the Third Ear Band in Durham in June 1971 plants a few seeds that become the Tertius Auris.
In reality, I heard a story once from Peter Burne-Jones of how he was at that gig but didn't like it so much because they were more like a normal rock band, complete with drumkit, so they all went back to his place and listened to "Alchemy" on his super hi-fi (Peter would go on to invent the PBJ tone arm!). 
In my dreaming Hermione sees the beauty in both....".

Listen to Sedayne/Hermione's two wonderful 
thirdearband-ish's ragas here

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