September 07, 2013

Another Italian band inspired by the Thirds...?

Clessidra [hourglass in english], a new Italian band from Tuscany, seems to be inspired by the Third Ear Band. This is what the Web site "Fritto Misto" claims at
about their new album titled "Carta Malabrica" (Manza Nera).
I don't know what some writers (journalists, experts, fans...) in the Net know about the TEB's music but sometimes this relations are very obscure and vague for myself...

A certain T/T writes: "The interior and oniric space sketched out by the Clessidra's lush maps has something of dangerous and hostile: and unfathomable desire to pull out to the obvious and renown that mainland already extensively explored and categorized under the obliging cathegory of "post-rock"".

Anyway, even if very interesting to my ears, you can listen to this music and decide what do you think about it. 
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