July 04, 2012

100.000 pages opened in this Archive!

Just on June 30th, 2012 this Archive, born by chance on December 1st, 2009, has reached 
100.000 pages 

Thanks to all the readers around tha world who're followin' the
 GHETTO RAGA archive!

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  1. Yay! Great great work, Luca - very busy recently - looking forward to settling into some Third Ear communion as the year darkens...

    RIP Lol Coxhill. I often think of Glen & Lol of being of similar soul - genuine English Musickal Tricksters both. How would Lol & Glen have sounded if they'd played together? I know Lol played with Evan Parker ("Jazz in Dead and we are the pall-bearers!" - Glen to Evan circa 1966?).

    Tonight, it's Flees in Custard.

    Sean Sedayne

    1. Thanks a lot dear friend, I was askin' infact where you've been all those months... Sad about Lol Coxill, another wonderful great musician, one of my favourite ones (I love still now "Ear of beholder"!)... I've been very lucky to see him around 15 years ago here, in my tiny smalltown (Cremona), in a very tiny theatre. I can't imagine what could happen with Glen and Lol plyin' together!
      Soon I'll put a new file with that Dave Tomlin involvement with the late grat Mick Taylor for the "Pendulum" album... I've collected some very interesting memories from him... And you? Are you still playing that faboulous post-organic-thirdish-folk music?

  2. Cheers Luca - Just done this today which is as post-organic-thirdish-folk as it gets really...


    1. Wonderful! Thanks, dear friend. You deserve the best. I hope all the TEB fans here can appreciate this gem!