June 05, 2012

Lyn Dobson's Four Elements.

Lyn Dobson, the last winds player of the TEB, among his countless projects, in July 2005 recorded his personal vision of the four archetipal elements - musical landscapes inspired by his eccentric  theatrical vocalist jazzy/folky/ethnic soul.
He asked me to help him to get a deal in Italy, but I had bad luck and nothing happened (but if someone's interested please contact me...).

Lyn and Ursula Smith playing on stage at Genova's Psycho Club (January 1990)
So you have now the chance to listen to three of these very fascinanting tunes and have an idea of Lyn's soundscape ideas of it. Not just the TEB's 1970 legendary four elements, of course, but a sort  of catching ragamelodic thing...

TITLE: "The Elements"

"Air" (9:41)
"Fire" (10:29)
"Earth" (10:25)
"Water" (10:21)

Recorded in Crete on July 7th, 2005
Lyn Dobson: vocals, sitar, flutes, sax, keyboards, programming

Download it at:  
("Fire") 25.50 MB
https://rapidshare.com/files/3941370084/Lyn_Dobson_s_Elements_-_Earth.mp3 ("Earth") 25.10 MB
https://rapidshare.com/files/3360194560/Lyn_Dobson_s_Elements_-_Water.mp3 ("Water") 26.15 MB

Some recent videos with Lyn (interviewed by Mike Collins) on You Tube at:

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  1. Hi Luca, these are not bad at all, there is a connection with the late TEB. Where is the "Air" mp3...? Lyn might consider to share these tunes on Bandcamp, where they can be streamed for free and downloaded at a cheap price, or maybe a free offering... Maybe one day someone interested in producing a record will listen to them...
    All the best

    1. Thanks Mirco,
      I'm agreed with you about the clear connections with the last TEB, even because Lyn was really involved into the process of composing that music...
      Unfourtunately, Lyn is not too interested into the Web, also he's a bad manager of himself, so...
      Anyway, I'll try to suggest him this thing of Bandcamp...