January 19, 2012

Miracles from the Net: a sampler of "Stone Circle" in a DJ compilation!

Miracles of the Net!
A sampler of "Stone Circle" (even if here titled "Lark Rise") is included in a compilation edited by DJ Snoodaard in  "The New Worck" series ("Free exclusive mixes - Discover new music!").
This very suggestive volume, the # 428, is titled "Sacred Sounds" and comprises also tracks by Albert Ayler, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Harry Partch, John Fahey, The Residents... in a sort of 25:10 long composition.

Commenting this compilation, DJ Snoodaard says: "Mankind has a long history of worshipping Mammon and viewing itself as a divine being, still the true spirit is in the humbled, who feel they are blessed with existence and live in wonder."
You can listen and download  it at http://thenewworck.com/genre/psychedelic/the-new-worck-428-of-dj-snoodaard

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