November 20, 2011

Slivers of TEB music in other two recent Italian underground records...

As we've seen, sometimes the pioneer TEB music resurfaces  on some underground sound projects. 
Two recent examples just come from Italy, published during this year.

A young Neapolitan composer called Salvatore Borrelli (a.k.a. etre) has published a beautiful record titled "Inferno From My Occult Diary" (Porter Records - with five instrumental tracks of avant-garde experimental music.
Among the tracks, a 8:32 composition titled "Conseguito silenzio (for Paul Celan)" ["Silence achieved"] seems to come from the "Macbeth" TEB album for its incredibly gloomy mood. Listen to this sinister undertow of rumours, electronics effects, scanty violin chords, loops... that drop yourself in a dimension of dreadful desolate mediaeval landscapes... and decide if it could be an heritage of the Thirds...
or listen to the samplers at 
and read reviews (in English) at
Salvatore Borrelli (born 1976)

Less direct references to the TEB music one can find on the album recorded and self produced by Eternal Zio, "Vibbria", even if some Italian journalists states that on the Web.

A sort of Italian underground supergroup (with musicians from Asabikeshiin, Rella The Woodcutter and Valla), playing hurdy gurdy, electric guitars, electronics, keyboards, harp, hand drums... their music is more psychedelic than proper avant-garde, a psych-drone contemporary folk inspired by krautrock, Popol Vuh, Aktuala.
On the only track (30:52 long) also some clear few slivers of the Eighties' Third Ear Band...

                                 The Eternal Zio (2011)

You can download and listen to the record at:

                                                          Eternal Zio live at Cas'Aupa (Milan 11-03-2011)

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