September 18, 2011

Lost TEB video broadcasts out in October!

Lost Third Ear Band video broadcasts from 1970 will be distributed on DVD next October 3rd. The only one known circulating in those years was "Hyde Park Raga", included on a "Beat Club" compilation (read at
Titled "Third Ear Band. The Lost Broadcasts" is produced by Gonzo (catalogue number  HST069DVD) and it will cost around ten pounds (11-12 euros)...

This is the commercial published on some Web sites:
"The Lost Broadcasts are a series of DVDs featuring performances that have rarely been seen since the original transmission on German television, in some cases more than forty years ago. Some of the artists featured within the series are legendary and these “Lost” performances will be a fine addition to any music fans collection. The series covers a number of styles and genres however all of the performances are of a high calibre. (...)

At the time of these performances which were recorded from September 1970, the band consisted of Glen Sweeney, Paul Minns, Denim Bridges and Paul Buckmaster, who would go onto work with Elton John amongst many other high profile artists. Three pieces were filmed on the 11th of September including the unreleased ‘Hyde Park’. The other two tracks were ‘David Grocking’ and ‘In D’, which is thought to be ‘Raga in D’. ‘Druid Grocking’ was played during a John Peel Top Gear session in the summer of 1969 and is an extended workout of the song ‘Druid One’ from the ‘Alchemy’ album. ‘In D’ is a piece originally recorded at the sessions for the debut album ‘Alchemy’.

The band returned to the studio to film once more on the 26th of September and this time performed another slightly shorter version of ‘Hyde Park’. Third Ear Band would go on to record a very famous soundtrack in 1972 for the Roman Polanski film ‘Macbeth’...".

Just a doubt about this project is related to the TEB line-up, because we know that on "Hyde Park Raga" ("Beat Club" TV programme) was involved also Benjamin Cartland...
But anyway we will see...

[Thanx for this signalling to Ed P.]

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  1. Great, I'm looking forward to see it!

  2. In D - could be Eternity in D? Given the line-up...

  3. Yes, I think it could be that...but these informations are really scarce... Carolyn doesn't know anything about it, nothing about the royalties/copyrights...!