August 24, 2011

Brief interview with Barry Plummer, English photographer took pictures of the TEB at the Isle of Wight Festival

Barry Plummer is a well-known English photographer from the Sixties. He has taken hundred photos of famous and less famous musicians (check it at his Web site at and he's an important witness of that age.
Because he took some photos of the TEB at the legendary 1969 Isle of Wight festival (read a report at I've contacted and asked him some questions.

Barry Plummer on 2010 with his wine and winners cup.

1. You have been one of the photographer at the famous 1969 IOW festival. How did you was involved with? What do you remember about the location and the mood of that legendary event?
"I was photographing the festival for Disc & Music Magazine, a music weekly, to get the island is about 30 minute ferry ride from the mainland and then a bus ride to the other end of the island for the festival site. I think the mood was everyone waiting for Bob Dylan to play, when it was time for him to go on stage they filled the press area with chairs to seat the VIPS such as John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and wives /girl friends. I also saw Keith Richards at sometime in the audience watching Fairport Convention".

2. How many photos of the TEB you took that day? Are still available? Where? How much it costs?
"I only took 5 photos B/W. Just in case any one would ask for a picture in the future, I am sending 2 pics for you to use on the website no charge (if you want to send me something maybe a tee shirt or baseball cap something Italian as the cost of cashing small cheques !!)".

Richard Coff on stage (photo: Barry Plummer).

3. Where the picture have been published?
"As far as I can remember they have only been recently used on the cd by Mooncrest Records "Hymn to the Sphynx" a few years back 2001. They may have been used before, but out of the thousands publications I have had of all the bands I've photographed...".  

4. Do you remember something about the concert the band played? Any particular memories on the band? In the backstage? After the concert?
"I don't have any memories. I just took about 6 photos of all the folk acts on that afternoon and audience pics outside the arena".

TEB photographed that day by Barry Plummer.

5. Did (do) you like their music? What kind of music did you enjoy at that time? And now? 
"I have never listened to their music not being a folk type, musical taste would Zepp, Floyd, Free, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and now still listen to the old 70s music! A modern band I like is Muse...".
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