February 22, 2011

fRoots forum talks about Peter Bellamy played support to the Third Ear Band.

Just today musician and TEB's acolyte Sedayne writes me an e-mail about a discussion  on fRoots forum on Peter Bellamy, where the great Ian A Anderson reveals of his  involvement with the Third Ear Band as supporter on live concerts... 
Read the letter and go to the forum for details...

Peter Bellamy at Shackleford Folk Club, 1980
"Hi Luca,
the release of the "Oak Ash Thorn" CD is almost upon us, featuring a stellar cast & already attracting a lot of media interest in the UK - read Colin Irwin's fRoots review here: http://www.frootsmag.com/content/issue/reviews/
(...) On the fRoots forum right now there's a general discussion on "Oak Ash Thorn" and Peter Bellamy on which the fRoots editor Ian A Anderson mentions he played support to the Third Ear Band on various occasions.  Could be another line of enquiry???  Read the discussion here:  http://froots.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5842

Hope all is well
Sean / Sedayne".

no©2011 Luca Ferrari


  1. A bit ambiguous there! It was Ian A Anderson (musician of legend & editor of FRoots) who supported TEB... Like I say, I think the only TEB connection with Peter Bellamy is Ursula Smith playing on the Maritime English Suite, though Bellamy's original; Harp Song recording has a TEB feel to it...

    Reading of Soft Machine's album of library music Rubber Riff the writer claims the Softs are the only psychedlic prog band to have stooped so low. Obviously he hasn't heard the wonderful National Balkan Ensemble side on which the embronic Third Ear Band emerged from the golden alchemical egg fully formed & raring to go.

    Whenever I'm down, I listen to Jason's Trip!

  2. Sorry, Sean, it's my usual misundestanding of English... I'm going to correct the things...
    Thanks again for your attention and interest about the band... For many years none knows about the National Balkan Ensemble, the same original Thirds (Glen and Paul)was forgetting it...