January 01, 2011

(Scraping the bottom of the barrell 1:) An unrealised Glen Sweeney's lyrics from 1978...

Scraping the bottom of the barrell (I've hoped some old TEB collector/musician/friend could contribute in all these months with interesting stuffs, but few things have come...), you can read below an unrealised lyrics from the Hydrogen Jukebox written by Glen Sweeney in 1978 and maybe intended for the album.
Anyway, a way to say hello to the New Year thinking about our bitter destiny of Western men...

"Five portals hath the caverned man
the wise men know it's true
so they spend their lives  in academies

The five colours they do blind the eye
the seven sounds will numb the ear
and learning names and other games
will lead a man to fear

Telepathy is a portal the wise men all refute
for love is the key
they cannot see
as they argue and dispute

Another portal is the door we are taught to lock and bolt
but fear gets in
through the pores of the skin
and grips us by the throat

The animals all build their nests
and live their lives for free
and in a way the price they pay
is a lack of security

But animals don't cling to life
adventure is their game
and as they die they wink their eye
and say what's in a name

The Hydrogen Jukebox, A.D. 1978

A man  he has to buy his nest
and so he is not free
but spends his life a labouring
in the name of security

And as he settles in his nest
and prepares to enjoy his day
another  portal opens wide
and his soul it flies away

They lay his body in the grave
and they sell his little nest
and the moral of this story 
is that animals know best".
                                    ©1978  Glen Sweeney  Estate

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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