March 08, 2010

Johnny Rotten selected a Third Ear Band's track in an old interview!

During an old interview with Tommy Vance for Capital Radio (July 16th, 1977), Sex Pistols/Public Image Limited vocalist and frontman Johnny (Rotten) Lydon selected “Fleance” 


from TEB’s “MacBeth” soundtrack between the records he liked in that period. 

Also David Tibet (Current 93) on an unedited transcript of "The Wire" Invisible Jukebox interview (May 2001), tested by journalist Mike Barnes, said that "I quite liked the early Edgar Broughton Band. Third Ear Band, my favourite album was Macbeth and my favourite track on that album is that vocal track [Fleance, with vocals by the young Keith Chegwin]. Steve Stapleton is a big fan of the Third Ear Band. They were a band I liked the idea of but the music is a bit too frenetic" (read it at ).

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Hi, great blog. I just wanted to alert you to this new version of Fleance by Bristol UK basedband Hi-Fiction Science. The track can be heard here:
    Due to be released late 2010 by Fruits de Mer Records:

  2. Thanks a lot. I'll contact you soon for an interview to put in this archive.
    Hear you soon.